Saturday, 7 March 2009

A stress-free life

In the last week, I've been told by two people - an acupuncturist and a facial massage therapist (yes, I'm living the high life at the moment!) - that my body is exhibiting unusually high levels of stress. It's funny, because most people see me as quite a calm person, but in reality, I'm like a swan - calm and serene on the surface, but paddling like fury under the water.

So, what's causing all this stress? Well, it could be the whole trying-but-not-yet-succeeding-to-make-a-baby thing. Or it could be a problem I've had at work that I've been trying to solve. Or it could be the fact that we haven't had a free weekend for months and little jobs around the house have been neglected. Or it could be a million and one other things.

But I think what all this stress boils down to is that I'm a world champion procrastinator. It's not that I'm lazy. But if I have to write an article and the deadline is in a week's time, I'll spend six days researching and reading round the topic and one day madly trying to get the thing written to meet the deadline. If I have three weeks, the proportion is 20 days' research, one day's panicked writing. And so on... This was manageable when I lived alone, but is a lot harder now that I have to cook for New Man and keep the household ticking over, and I want to spend time with him, and he hates me staying up until 4 in the morning or getting up ridiculously early to work.

A very simple illustration of how I cause myself stress is that I (hang my head in shame as I admit that I) haven't finished my Christmas thank-you letters. I only have one still to write, but if you added up all the time I've spent complaining to New Man that it hasn't been done (he needs to write to the same aunt, and he hasn't done it either), worrying about how rude my aunt will think I am, and adding it to to-do lists, I could have written the blasted thing 86 times over.

I hate being ruled by advertising hype, but I really need to 'Just Do It'. I should get the Nike tick tattooed on my wrist or something, to remind myself to get on with it. But maybe not today...


Beth said...

I hope you are able to de-stress! :) You don't even WANT to know how long it took for us to get all our wedding thank you cards done!

Beth said...

Thanks for the comment! I am putting YOU guys on my list too! :)

newhousenewjob said...

Thanks Beth! :¬)