Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wedded bliss...

... seems to leave very little free time for blogging!

We had a fantastic day, surrounded by family and friends. The weather was good, the atmosphere was wonderful, and New Man and I grinned like idiots all day.

Not everything went entirely according to plan. I often tease New Man about his inability to tell left from right, and he demonstrated that inability by holding out his right hand for me to put the wedding ring on. I didn't notice until later, when I reached out to hold his (left) hand and the ring wasn't there - a hasty changeover ensued!

Also, the usher who had been tasked with looking after the car parking didn't turn up until about five minutes before the ceremony, and a certain amount of bad feeling was apparently created by the ensuing chaos in the car park. I'd rather not increase the bad feeling by going into more detail, but having been very careful to try to make sure we got all the necessary permissions beforehand, we were very disappointed with the way our guests were treated.

Apart from that (and we didn't know about the car parking issue until we got back from honeymoon), it went like a dream. There were 41 children there, and we had a creche for the smaller ones which they absolutely loved (as did their parents!). There was a teenagers' table on which we had put a selection of games, and a friend who sat near them said that the games were a really good ice-breaker and the teenagers had a great time.

My niece had a very memorable First Communion, and really enjoyed being made to feel special by the other guests. Her cake was beautiful, as was the birthday cake we gave to my matron of honour, whose birthday was the day before the wedding.

The day after the wedding, we met all my immediate family (parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces) and a few friends at a pub for lunch. My brother had his laptop and a card reader with him, and we already had a couple of CDs with photos on (one from a neighbour who came outside to take pictures of my father and me leaving my house, and another from a friend who came to the church just to see me arrive), so he set the laptop up to run a slideshow of pictures of the wedding in the corner of the pub, which was a lovely touch.

Then we went off to Heathrow, ready to fly out to Hawaii on Monday. We arrived 24 hours late in Hawaii, but that's another story...