Monday, 10 November 2008

UN petition

I may be a bit behind the game, but I received the following by e-mail today. I have signed the petition, and think this needs to be publicised as widely as possible.

On December 10th, radical pro-abortion groups will present petitions asking the UN General Assembly to make abortion a universally recognized human right.

We have met the challenge and you can help.

We have initiated a petition drive that calls for governments to interpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as protecting the unborn child from abortion. Along with a coalition of pro-life groups from around the world, we will present our petitions at a press conference at UN headquarters.

So far, in only three weeks we have generated 46,417 names endorsing our petition; that is 15,000 a week! I now fully expect that we will present 100,000 names on December 10th, the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In order for this to happen, though, I need your help and I need it now.

If you have not signed the petition, do so now HERE or by going directly to and clicking on the icon "UN Petition for the Unborn Child." Then, after you have signed the petition, send this email or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

If you have already signed the petition, send this email or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS and urge them to sign it.

What we are trying to do is create a real global internet campaign that will shock the pro-abortion radicals at the UN on December 10th! To help you, the petition has been translated into 11 different languages and each can be found HERE or by going to

So, please act now. Go HERE or here and sign the petition. Then send this message or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Yours sincerely,
Austin Ruse

PS We absolutely must submit more names to the UN than the pro-abortion radicals. They are bigger, richer and stronger than we are. So, act now; sign the petition HERE or go here And send this message to everyone you know!

I've looked into this a little bit. The pro-abortion petition is being presented to the UN on 10 December by Marie Stopes International. As far as I can make out, it currently has 632 signatures, compared to over 67,000 on the C-FAM petition. I don't know whether this figure is accurate, though - there is an indication on the C-FAM site that the counter on the Marie Stopes site has been disabled, so we can't necessarily trust that number. Clearly, the more signatures there are on the C-FAM petition, the better the chance of defeating the pro-abortion radicals on 10 December.


Colleen said...

I didn't know about this! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting out petition. You are not behind the curve. You are right on it. We are now up to 155,000 (you get this number when you add all the language groups together). We are going to 200, 250, half a mill? Who knows!

All the best,

Austin Ruse