Thursday, 16 October 2008

Keeping my head down

We've had a spate of 'rightsizing' in the office in the last month. Yes, apparently that's the new name for sacking someone because in a downturn you want to maintain the level of profit growth you had in the upturn. Others might call it corporate greed and lack of human compassion.

The thing is, the Big Bosses haven't officially announced any of the redundancies, haven't told us anything about what's going on and why, and, most importantly, haven't told us whether they think they've done enough yet. Every week we hear about a few more people who have been called into a meeting, come out looking crestfallen and been given only enough time to clear their desks before being cast aside like dust from someone's shoe.

This means everyone is looking round thinking, "Who's next?" Of course, we feel desperately sorry for the people who have already lost their jobs, and the empty desks are a constant reminder of the times we're living in. But now rumours are flying about who has gone, who might be next, and what justification is being given for the departures.

The latest rumour is that everyone's diaries are being reviewed to see how busy they are. We haven't been told this officially, of course, and since we are all supposed to keep our diaries electronically and make them available on the intranet so that anyone else in the firm can access them, the review can be done without most people's knowledge.

In the meantime, the owners of the gym which helped me to lose 30 pounds for my wedding have just announced that they're closing it at the end of this month. Apparently it is profitable. Just not profitable enough. And it doesn't fit in with the corporate image of the wider organisation, so despite its huge popularity, it has to go.

The depressing thing in tough economic times is that the people who make the decisions seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing. So while I wait for economic recovery, which will come eventually just as it always has done in the past, I keep my head down, work harder than ever, pray for the people I know who have lost their jobs, and hope the axe doesn't fall any closer to home.

With the whole keeping-my-head-down-and-working-till-I-drop thing going on, blogging may be a bit light over the next couple of months.


Mac McLernon said...

Fingers crossed for you! BTW, any chance that you and New man can pop along for my renewal of vows?

newhousenewjob said...

We'd love to, but I think we're already booked up for that weekend - last time we went through our calendars, we had one weekend free between late August and Christmas, and I don't think it was that one... I'll check again, though.