Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wedding presents

For our honeymoon, New Man and I spent a week in Hawaii, then broke the journey home with three days in Chicago. We did a LOT of walking in Chicago, and stopped for a little breather in the Pauline Bookshop, where we ended up buying each other this wedding present:

New Man didn't much like the Extraordinary Form of the Mass when he first started going with me. He couldn't follow what was going on, and found it quite uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

I knew he'd come round to my way of thinking at the end of the Mass we went to in Kaua'i, when he turned to me and said, "I really miss our own church."

I love the Mass in both forms - I've been to numerous Novus Ordo Masses over the years which have lifted up my soul and filled me with gratitude that I'm a Catholic. But I love the calmness and prayerfulness of the Extraordinary Form. The more I go to this Mass, the more I enjoy the feeling of lifting up my mind and heart to God, and the less bothered I get by external distractions (which have always been a bit of a problem for me in the past).

And having this Missal has really helped both New Man and me to appreciate the Mass more deeply - we can follow what the priest is saying and doing, and understand why he's doing it. And we can follow the readings, which was something I missed when I was just hearing them in Latin.

I also love to look at the loving little inscription New Man wrote in the front of my Missal before he handed it over. I couldn't have asked for a better present, and I feel doubly blessed that he appreciates his Missal as much as I appreciate mine.

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Esther said...

Oh how wonderful! Pauline Books and Media is my favorite Catholic book store.