Monday, 5 May 2008

This made me cross

This weekend, I spoke to a good friend who was received into the Church at this year's Easter Vigil. She is very happy, has made lots of friends at her local church and is involved in SVP and a number of other activities.

She mentioned that she had been given a couple of really nice rosaries, but said, "I don't know how to say the prayers. I'd like to learn, but at my 'Journey of Faith' course they told me that nobody says the rosary any more, so they didn't teach it to us."

I expressed some surprise, and she continued, "Well, they said it was just used by stupid people who didn't know how to think up prayers for themselves."

I hope she misunderstood whatever point they were trying to make. But I'm furious, and assured her that both my father and I, with our postgraduate degrees, pray the rosary regularly and each carry a decade around in our pockets with us at all times.

I think all the regular readers of this blog are at least as familiar as I am with the rosary, but in case anyone stumbles across this who has suffered the same sort of catechesis as my friend, have a look here to learn how to pray the rosary and here for a brief history of its development.

May is the month of Our Lady, and as good a time as any to learn this beautiful prayer and get into the habit of praying a daily rosary.


Mac McLernon said...

That would have made me pretty cross too...

Ttony said...

Can you teach your friend the expression "Hell gapes open for such as these" and make sure that she realises that this is not just a metaphor but a statement of absolute and enduring fact.

Saying the Rosary for them would be satisfying.

gemoftheocean said...

assure her the pope also says the rosary. I'd love to meet the idiot who gave her that "instruction" regards the rosary. The worst of it is, what other stupid ideas did they "impart" to her?

Joe said...

I wonder how many millions will go to Lourdes this year ... and pray the Rosary?