Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's a while since we had a blonde joke

A blonde psychologist gets a job in a school.

On her first day she spots a boy who spends the whole of his break time standing around on his own, and not running and playing around with his classmates. She asks him if he's all right, and he says that he's fine.

The next time she sees him, he's standing on his own again. She goes up to him and says, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," he replies.

She's a little concerned, but he obviously isn't ready to talk yet, so she leaves him alone.

The next day, there he is again - standing all on his own, while all the other children run around together. She walks up to him, crouches down to his eye level, and gazing deep into his eyes, she asks, "What's the matter? Won't the other children play with you?"

"Look, I told you, I'm fine," he replies.

"So why aren't you running around and playing with all the other children?"

"Because I'm the GOALKEEPER!!!"


Esther said...

ha ha ha. NH, that one I've never heard before :-)

Mac McLernon said...

LOL, NHNJ... just as well you changed it to "psychologist" instead of "teacher" or I might have taken it personally!!!

Cy said...

Hahahaha! I remember playing goalkeeper before. It's easier than running up and down the field chasing a ball. :-)
Thanks for the joke!