Friday, 19 October 2007

Yet another birthday

Today is the first birthday of my youngest niece.

I went over to see them yesterday with a party hat and a 'Happy 1st Birthday' helium balloon. Her 3-year-old sister's eyes lit up covetously, and she said, "She won't wear that hat, you know."

To prove her point, she manhandled her little sister, got her in a headlock, crammed the hat down on her head and pinged the elastic under her chin. The moment she had managed to wriggle away, the baby tugged at the hat and pulled it off.

"You see," said her big sister, in tones of great wisdom. "I knew she wouldn't wear it. But don't worry. I'll wear it instead."

I can't remember how she managed to take possession of the balloon as well, but I think I've been well and truly ambushed...

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diana said...

Ha! Thats so funny!