Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Update on Bloggers' Meme

I see I have now been banned by Spirit of Vatican II, along with some of my favourite blogs - I'm in excellent company! I've been banned for the following reasons: Phariseeism (not sure how they test that one), being offensive (described as "anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc"), republicanism and traditionalism.

I'd just like to defend myself against the charge of republicanism. I am a loyal subject of Her Majesty the Queen, and not some left-wing rabble-rouser. Honestly, if we didn't have the queen, who would be our head of state? Tony Bleurgh?


Esther said...

Congrats NH :-)

Mac McLernon said...

I was a little confused by this site... until I realised that the Curt Jester was a contributor!! So now I want to know why I haven't been banned as well!

newhousenewjob said...

Thanks Esther. Mac, I'd complain if I were you.

Have you tried clicking on the link for the Haugen & Haas Fan Club? I think that's the biggest giveaway.

Dracunculus said...

I get the "GLBT" bit but what are the "N" and the "A" stand for?

Incidentally it was an endless source of amusement during my time at university as to how many variations on the spelling of "woman" without the "man" bit the purple welly and dungarees brigade could come up with.

newhousenewjob said...

No idea what the N and A stand for, Drac - anyone else got any idea?

I agree about the amusement factor - though where I went to university it was Doc Martens rather than purple wellies.