Sunday, 14 October 2007

I'm not superstitious, honest!

Yaaaaay!!! England are through to the final of the rugby world cup. So next Saturday evening, I'll be biting my nails, folding laundry, flicking through the newspapers, washing the dishes, having a bath and doing everything else I can to keep away from the television.

I'm not saying I'm entirely responsible for the results this team are getting. I mean, obviously the 15 men who are actually on the pitch play their part as well. But let's just say that throughout this world cup, every time I've been watching it's gone disastrously for England. I watched the whole match against South Africa in the group stages, when England lost 36-0. And I didn't watch a single minute of England's win against Australia last weekend.

Tonight, I started trying to watch. Josh Lewsey scored a brilliant try in the second minute (the fastest try in world cup semi-final history, I believe), and I thought the jinx might have ended. But when England went behind 6-5, New Man banished me from the room. He had the telly on loud enough that I could hear some of what went on, and about 70 seconds before the final whistle, I knew England were ahead and set off back downstairs.

As soon as he heard me, New Man snapped, "Get back upstairs NOW!" As he explained afterwards, France were in an attacking position, and 70 seconds is 70 seconds. I mean, look what happened in the Six Nations this year - first France scored a last-minute try against Ireland to beat them at Croke Park in February, and then France scored a last-minute try against Scotland to win the Six Nations championship on points difference. And who were England playing today? France.

I immediately retreated - and the French player dropped the ball. And England won the match.

So as I said, next Friday the England team can rest assured that once again, I shall do everything in my power to avoid watching the match.


Mac McLernon said...

You might not be superstitious... but New Man obviously is...!


...mind you, I'm convinced that the All Blacks only lost the competition because I'd drawn them in the staffroom sweepstake!

newhousenewjob said...

Couldn't you have drawn South Africa instead? I so wanted the Pumas to win tonight...

Dracunculus said...

Lewsey isn't playing next week! Eeek!

And I think we stand a better chance with the Springboks than the Pumas.

Dracunculus said...

Actually just out of curiosity does anyone here pray for their sports team? I was friends for a very long time (until he passed away) with an anglican vicar who always used to say a prayer on match days for his beloved Blackburn FC.

(and I supported arch-rivals Burnley!)

newhousenewjob said...

Hmmm. Whichever way the final goes, I think it'll be interesting when I fly to South Africa this coming Sunday. Do you think I should wear my England shirt?

I don't pray for my team to win, but I often pray for a fair result.