Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Not looking forward to tomorrow

I set the dates for all my autumn training courses several months ago. Some time after that, I got an invitation to the firm's summer party, an event at which free food is plentiful and free drink even more so. Since it was the day before one of my teaching days, I decided I'd better turn down the invitation and have a reasonably early night, so I would be fresh for teaching the next day.

I must have a few missing synapses in my brain, because despite this reasoning, it was only when someone pointed it out to me last week that I realised the fatal flaw to my plans - ALL the participants on tomorrow's course will have attended the party tonight.

So tomorrow I'm teaching what is universally acknowledged to be the most difficult of all the topics that I teach, to a roomful of people who will have had about four hours' sleep and will all be nursing hangovers.

Wish me luck...

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