Saturday, 22 September 2007

Happy birthday to my sisters

As a small girl with three brothers, I longed for a little sister when I was growing up, so my parents told me to pray for one. A couple of weeks after my seventh birthday, my prayers were answered when my first sister was born.

My father had been serving overseas and was allowed to come back for the birth. My two older brothers were at boarding school, so my little brother and I were on our own with the babysitter when my parents went to the hospital.

My father got back from the hospital at about 8:30 pm, clutching a bottle of champagne. He didn't want to drink alone with the babysitter, so he woke me up to give me my first taste of champagne and tell me about my new little sister.

As we sat there drinking our champagne, my father said something to me and called me "Dearest Daughter". My immediate response was, "Daddy, you must never say that to me again. You've got two daughters now so I can't be your dearest."

He never has called me "Dearest" again - although he has told that story approximately 15,683 times over the years since then.

Two years later, we were equally delighted when my second little sister turned up as a second birthday present for my first sister.

Today, my youngest sister is away, travelling round Europe, but my first sister will be coming over for lunch with her husband and two children. I baked a cake last night and left it on the cooling rack overnight, so now I must go down and ice it, and get a few little treats ready.

I thank God for answering my prayers as a child and giving me two such wonderful sisters, and ask Him for abundant blessings for both of them in the year ahead.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday celebrations..

Mac McLernon said...

What a fabulous story... a real lump-in-throat moment there! And how very touching that your father didn't want to drink alone with the babysitter: (I assume it is the behaviour equivalent of "custody of the eyes" and we could do with more of it!)

Thanks for sharing that one.

Esther said...

Happy Birthday to your dear sisters!

newhousenewjob said...

Thank you all. They both seem to have had a pretty good day - the one who came here didn't have to change a nappy, cook a meal or clear up after other people all day (and got pretty spoilt too with all her favourite food and various other little treats), and I bathed both girls and put them in their pyjamas before they left. And I spoke to my other sister tonight, and she seemed to be having a great time too.

Mac, you're right about the "custody of the eyes" thing - I think I was got out of bed to act as a chaperone!

Ma Beck said...

What a sweet, sweet post.
Happy birthday to your sisters!!

Mac McLernon said...

Very perceptive of your father: I mean, with alcohol and a good mood, things can go too far before you know it!

diana said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Though it looks like you got the present!

newhousenewjob said...

I certainly did - and it's a gift that keeps on giving...