Thursday, 23 August 2007

A silly joke because I'm too busy to think

Two Mexicans are stuck in the desert, wandering aimlessly and close to death. They are close to just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, when all of a sudden...

"Hey Pepe, do you smell what I smell? Ees bacon, I am sure of eet."

"Si, Luis, eet smells like bacon to me too."

So, with renewed strength, they struggle off up the next sand dune, and there, in the distance, is a tree, just loaded with bacon. There's raw bacon, dripping with moisture, there's fried bacon, back bacon, crispy bacon, double smoked bacon - every imaginable kind of bacon!!

"Pepe, Pepe, we are saved! Eees a bacon tree."

"Luis, are you sure ees not a meerage? We are in da desert, don't forget."

"Pepe, when deed you ever hear of a meerage that smell like bacon? Ees no meerage, ees a bacon tree."

And with that, Luis races towards the tree. He gets to within 5 yards, Pepe following closely behind, when all of a sudden, a machine gun opens up, and Luis is cut down in his tracks. It is clear he is mortally wounded but, true friend that he is, he manages to warn Pepe with his dying breath:

"Pepe...go back man, you was right, ees not a bacon tree."

"Luis, Luis mi amigo...what ees eet?"

"Pepe...ees not a bacon tree.... Ees......... Ees..... a Ham Bush."


diana said...

Do I groan or laugh or both!

Mac McLernon said...

LOL Newhouse... I just had to read that one out loud to get the full effect of the "Ham bush"