Thursday, 16 August 2007

Saturday afternoon in Rome

After we finished our champagne, we went round the side of the building and into the Museum of Italian Independence (Museo Centrale del Risorgimento). Doubling round, we ended up in the Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo.

We followed a little alleyway to the side.

This took us down to the Roman Forum. At this point, the sun really came out, and we wandered through the gardens between the ruins, basking in the sunshine.

The route through the Forum took us out just by the Colosseum.

You had to pay to go inside, and by this time it was not only hot but also fearsomely crowded, so we contented ourselves with peering in through the turnstiles and then walking round the outside.

We walked back up the Via dei Fori Imperiali towards the Wedding Cake ("Hey Fiance, look - do you remember that place? It's where you proposed to me!"). See what I mean about the scaffolding and plastic sheeting? It should look more like this.

By this time it was after 3 o'clock, and man cannot live on champagne alone, so we walked down to the Piazza Navona and had lunch there.

Sitting down made us realise how much walking we'd done and that we could do with a rest, so we headed back to the hotel. New Man's room had a complimentary bottle of champagne (well, fizzy wine) cooling in a bucket when we arrived on Friday, so when we got back on Saturday we took it up to the roof terrace and chilled out, toasting each other's health and happiness, looking at the photos of the day and reading up in the guide book about all the places we'd visited.

We did go out again in the evening, and walked along the Tiber towards the Vatican. The streets were really coming alive with both locals and tourists, and there was a street market running alongside the river.

At the Castel Sant'Angelo we cut across the bridge and headed towards Campo dei Fiori, where we bought ice cream at a place called Blue Ice that my sister had recommended and then went and ate it in Piazza Navona as we watched the crowds and listened to the street musicians.

All in all, one of the best days of my life...


Mac McLernon said...

All in all, one of the best days of my life... far...! May you have many more together, and may each be better than the last!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Beautiful pictures (someone is a great photographer), lovely story - sweet, serene (and, dare I say romantic!!!). Brings me back to the days when my 'Old Man' was my 'New Man'. (That was 24 years ago...and its just keeps getting better and better!!) Thanks, Newhouse...hugs to both.


newhousenewjob said...

Thank you both.

Pede, I think it's probably more accurate to say "someone has a great camera"! I do love taking pictures, though, and New Man was very tolerant as I snapped away - he doesn't even own a camera, so I think I'll be the Keeper of the Family Records.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Newhouse - do keep those Family Records. As an amateur (and very amateur,at that) genealogist those records are not only important, but often very very interesting, as one delves deeper into the mystery of family. As for the camera, it still takes the "nut behind the wheel" to 'drive' the car. You did a great job.