Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Overheard on the Tube

I was very amused to overhear this conversation between a small child and her mother on the tube:

"Mummy, when are we going underground?"
"We ARE underground."
"Don't be silly, no we're not."
"Yes we are. Look up - you can't see the sky, can you?"
"No, that's because the roof of the train is in the way."
"Anyway, if we were underground we'd be able to see moles through the window."


Alice Gunther said...

Oh, that's a good one! LOL!

Dracunculus said...

Never seen a mole but there are plenty of other furry animals running around on the tracks between trains.

Can't stand the underground. I'm so happy my office is close to the overland station my train comes into.

newhousenewjob said...

Mine too - I could never commute on the underground. I do sometimes have to use it to get to meetings, though.

Mac McLernon said...

I have to say, the child has a good grasp of logic...

FloridaWife said...

She was thinking like in the cartoons. How cute!