Thursday, 9 August 2007

An open mind

A friend of mine once said to me, "I'd love to believe in God the way you do, but I just can't - I'm too open-minded."

I nobly resisted the urge to respond by retorting that one could be so open-minded that one's brain was in danger of falling out through the resulting hole. But I do often think about that comment, which is based on a commonly-held misconception that belief in God is narrow-minded.

I like to think of it another way.

My mind is open to the possibility that there are greater things in life than me, my selfish desires and the things I can independently observe and scientifically prove.

My mind is open to the idea that the good which is done in the name of religion outweighs the bad. Every basket has a few rotten eggs in it, and undoubtedly there have been people who professed to believe in God and yet behaved in a way that was contrary to everything we know about His Will. And human nature sometimes gets in the way of our own desire to do God's Will. But we continue to try, and the saints teach us how to listen and how to keep trying to live and to serve as He wants.

My mind is open to God's love, the fruits of the Spirit, the blessings that are bestowed on me day after day as I pray and try to listen to what God wants for me.

My mind is open to the needs of my fellow human beings. I often fail, but I keep trying to live a loving life, to do what I can to help others and to continue to pray for them when there's nothing else I can do.

My mind is open to the amazing order and symmetry of the known universe, and the astonishing improbability that such order could be random or coincidental. Every discovery made by scientists, every formula and every theory, points to the fact that the universe is a unified creation, and not merely a collection of coincidences.

My mind is open to the wonders of nature, to the beauty of everything around me, to the daily miracle of life.

My mind is open to the joyful hope of the resurrection.

Too open-minded to believe?

I'm too open-minded NOT to believe.


Dracunculus said...

I'm not saying a word :)

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Jennifer F. said...

I used to say that sort of thing too.

I think what people who say that are really getting at is that they don't think that there's any objective truth to be known in the realm of the spiritual. Because if there is objective truth, then it's not a matter of being open to various opinions but rather just seeking which case it would be like saying "I'm too open-minded to believe in the Pythagorean theorem." :)

Brad Harvey said...

Every time I tell myself I`m going to stop reading blogs, I run into something like this. Beautiful!