Wednesday, 4 July 2007

To the American Nation

Happy birthday!

And now that you've had your fun, I believe that there's no British signature on the so-called Declaration of Independence, so can we please have our colony back?


Ma Beck said...

We already stretched it out.
(Bah dum dum!)

Esther said...


Mac McLernon said...

Careful, Newhouse... they might just do that, and then where would we be!

newhousenewjob said...

Oh, once they'd paid 231 years' worth of back taxes, I'm sure things wouldn't look so bad. We could even have a tea party to welcome them back to the fold - I don't know, maybe in Boston? :¬)

Ma Beck said...

Do you know that at Boston Harbor, they have a gift shop that sells tea, tax-free?

Um, yeah, we bought some. And promptly tossed it in the harbor, sans wrapper, of course.

newhousenewjob said...

If it was those awful Liptons tea bags, the harbour was the best place for it...

Ma Beck said...

I don't recall what it was.
Some fancy-shmancy tea.
(Re: Lipton Tea - I quite agree. Blech.)

Amy Caroline said...

I say!