Thursday, 12 July 2007

Song for you

Song by Chris de Burgh, with an amazing slideshow of images from the Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres).


newhousenewjob said...

I've been asked how I embed videos. There are a couple of different methods, but this is the one I usually use - I'm sure someone will correct me if I should be doing it differently.

When you're viewing the video you want to copy in Youtube, to the right of the video there's a box at the bottom of which you'll see 'URL' followed by 'Embed', each with a small text box next to it. Click in the text box next to 'Embed' and copy the text that's in there.

Then go back to your post. If using Blogger, when composing a post you'll have a couple of tabs at the top right-hand side of the box that you're posting in. The one you're taken into by default is 'Compose'. You want to click on the other tab, labelled 'Edit HTML'.

Position the mouse where you want your video to appear in the post and paste the copied text into it. If you then click on 'Preview', you should be able to see whether this has worked.

Hope this helps - happy posting!

Grphter said...

Thank you kindly, You Rock!