Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pi Approximation Day

Forget any other celebrations you might have scheduled for today - this is the one that matters! Today's date (written European style) is 22/7 - the fraction which represents an ancient approximation of the mathematical constant pi.

My American nephew was invited on 14 March (3.14 by the American way of expressing dates) to celebrate Pi Day at school. He and his classmates were invited to bring pi(e)s to school that day - he chose a rather tasty apple pie.

In honour of Pi Approximation Day, I'm eating an approximation of a pi(e) - otherwise known as ... cheesecake.

This is my piece - what are the rest of you having...?

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diana said...

Whoops, we missed that day...but as a matter of fact I made two apple pies as of your posting and they were delicious!