Thursday, 26 July 2007

Oh yes, that!

My sister came over for lunch with my nieces today, as I was working from home. They all need a bit of a break - the three-year-old had chicken pox a couple of weeks ago, and now the baby has it, so all normal social activities have been somewhat curtailed. To make the lack of sociability even worse, the three-year-old came out in spots the day after they got back from a visit to her seven American cousins - real feast to famine!

So I made the three-year-old her favourite meal, and when I put it in front of her she smiled and picked up her spoon and fork.

"What do you say?" prompted my sister.

My niece immediately put down her spoon and fork and gabbled, "BlessusohLordandthesethygiftsweareabouttoreceivefromthybountythroughChristourLordAmen", picked up her spoon and fork again and began to eat.

My sister sighed wearily and said, "Actually, the word we were looking for was 'thank you'!"


Esther said...

ha ha ha! BTW, I never wrote you but my friends and I in Hawaii were concerned about the heavy rains in England. You were all in our prayers. Sorry I am so late in telling you this.

newhousenewjob said...

Thanks Esther. The floods have been a worry, as I have relatives in some of the affected areas, and my parents live right next to a river which often floods quite badly (but for some reason didn't this year), but so far, thank God, none of them have been too badly affected. That's not the case for huge numbers of other people, though, and I'm sure they would appreciate continued prayer as they try to rebuild their lives.

Ma Beck said...

Ha! You thank the Lord before you thank the Auntie, I suppose.