Thursday, 19 July 2007

Mushrooming concerns

As is so often the case, I can really relate to what Jen says today, about worry and taking each day as it comes. Here's an example of my insane propensity to worry about nothing.

Yesterday my neighbour, who was born and bred in this town, knows all the highways and byways around here and frequently knocks on the door with little gifts of fruit or fungus that he has found in the hedgerows, brought me a large chunk of a giant puffball mushroom. It happened that a colleague of mine was coming to lunch, and I sliced the mushroom, fried it up and served it on top of the pasta carbonara I had prepared. Later, my neighbour brought some more round, and I ate it for my supper with the leftover pasta from lunchtime.

At 2:30 in the morning, my niece woke up and cried, and I had to go and resettle her. She woke me from a very deep sleep, and by the time I had given her a drink and a cuddle, I was wide awake, with that slightly nauseous feeling you get when you've been woken from a really deep sleep.

I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep, and thought, "Toadstool poisoning has a delayed onset. I feel sick. What if I've poisoned my colleague? And what if F. wakes up in the morning to find I've been poisoned too? She's too little to be able to phone and tell anyone what's happened."

At about 3:00, I had to go downstairs, find my laptop, boot it up and Google "mushroom poison". Even after discovering that the giant puffball is the safest mushroom you can get, and there's nothing else that remotely resembles it for which it could have been mistaken, I still kept reading about the symptoms of mushroom poisoning. One website even seemed to mock my concern, saying "some patients have been reported to develop anxiety-related symptoms after learning that they have eaten wild mushrooms".

Eventually, I managed to convince myself that I might survive till morning, and drifted back to sleep. But you see how badly I need to be reminded to trust in the Lord and not to indulge in needless worry...


matka said...

Thank you for linking

diana said...

That nighttime anxiety is a killer...I try to ask the angels to guard me or pray for me so I can rest...glad to know it wasn't the mushrooms, which sounded delicious!