Wednesday, 25 July 2007

More blogger issues

Someone who hasn't commented before put up a really nice, long comment this morning. I skimmed over it and thought, "This looks good", before pressing "Publish" - upon which the comment instantly disappeared, never to be seen again. (Before you ask, yes it was "Publish" that I pressed - the other comment I published at the same time was NOT lost!)

So if you tried to comment this morning and are wondering where your comment went - me too! The only comments I have ever rejected are ones that the poster has asked me not to publish, and I certainly wouldn't have rejected this one, as from what I read of it, I think it was a really great comment.

I'd love it if that person (I don't even know who it was) would leave another comment. I'd love it even more if someone could tell me a way to get back a comment that's been eaten by the hungry Blogger Bug.


Mac McLernon said...

Ah... but had you ticked the box before you pressed "Publish"?

newhousenewjob said...

Yes - that's the routine: read, tick, read, tick, read, tick, then press "Publish". Besides, if I hadn't, it wouldn't have disappeared - it would still have been sitting there waiting to be either published or rejected.