Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fruits of my labour

You know that DIY job I started about three months ago? Well, this weekend New Man and I finally got round to finishing it.

I'm so excited - all my books have been in boxes since last August, and this evening I got to unpack a few of the boxes. The shelves still need a bit of organising, and I've spent the money for the new sofa on my holiday in Washington, so will be sitting on patio furniture for a while, but isn't this a sight for sore eyes?!


Leticia said...

Built in bookshelves are a wonderful thing. Nice work!

Ma Beck said...

Oh, that is very cool.
Come to my house next.

diana said...

It's absolutely beautiful! It will be even cozier this winter! I like the wall color especially!

newhousenewjob said...

Thank you all. The colour is called 'Wellbeing' - a great improvement on the baby-nappy-brown that the walls were before, I think, and the room is tons lighter and brighter.

Ma, it only took me three months of living in chaos to paint that one room - you could cope with that, right? :¬)

Ma Beck said...

Oh, I have an infant.
Chaos reigns.
Welcome to my nightmare.

newhousenewjob said...

Oh, who are you kidding, Ma? You love your infant chaos! ;¬)

I'm not sure infant + boxes everywhere + paintbrushes, jars of white spirit and miscellaneous power tools strewn all over the floor is a particularly happy mix, though. I suppose as long as she's not crawling, you could get away with it for a while...