Monday, 11 June 2007

Taking over the world

At the end of today's Mass, we had a little commissioning ceremony for the altar servers. I've never seen a ceremony like this before, and found it quite interesting. One thing that saddened me a bit, though, was that all the new servers are girls ("serviettes", as my family call them).

Girls seem to be taking over so many traditionally male areas, and boys are either being put off for fear of looking girly or being rejected because the girls are considered to do it better. My newsagent recently told me that he had sacked all his paper boys and replaced them with girls, because "the girls are more reliable". Even the scout movement is now mixed in the UK, although girls also have the option to join the Brownies or the girl guides instead (there is no single sex option for boys).

At the same time, boys don't want to move into the areas traditionally dominated by girls, for fear of being called sissy. So they're just getting squeezed out, and we see increasing numbers of bored youths hanging around on street corners, getting up to no good.

Equality is great, but what can we do to build up boys' self-esteem and help them to become good husbands and fathers when society as a whole seems to give them so few role models, and when political correctness prevents us from keeping anything special for them? Oh, and how is it "equal" when girls have the option to stick to girls-only pursuits or to join in with the traditional male pursuits, while boys are prevented from enjoying boys-only pursuits without the girls? When is someone going to stand up and say that feminism has gone too far, and girls can't have their cake and eat it (or at least, not unless the boys are allowed to as well)?


Anonymous said...

Check out my blog for the clear delineation of boys & girls. When i suggested a little boy could drop the petals the response was a shocked..'boys can't be strewers!' & rightly so! lol

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Girl altar servers.

Novus Ordo Novelty.

NEVER in God's entire dealing with men has such a thing been done, EVER. No women around the altar of sacrifice.

It's all good in the Novus Ordo mind.