Friday, 8 June 2007

Maybe next time...

Ann Winterton introduced her Bill on counselling for women seeking abortions in the House of Commons on Tuesday, under the Ten Minute Rule. My own MP had written to me in response to my e-mail, saying that she sympathised with the views I had expressed but would be unable to attend the House to vote that day. She also predicted that the Bill would not be passed - and unfortunately, she was right.

Here is a link to Hansard (the record of Parliamentary proceedings) for the relevant time. It records the "debate" (such as it was), together with a record of the vote - you can scroll down and find out whether your own MP was there and if so, how they voted.

The motion was defeated by 107 votes to 182. There are 646 MPs in the House of Commons. I hope the rest were doing something important for the £60,675 annual salary (plus allowances) we voters and taxpayers are paying them.

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