Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Is it me?

I was just surfing a few shopping sites, looking for a particular present for a friend of mine, when I came across this here:

Let me just point out so you don't have to click the link to find out for yourselves - the website selling this item describes itself as a purveyor of Catholic goods, and even has a "good faith guarantee".

But don't you find this cross just a little bit, well, blasphemous?


Mac McLernon said...

It's a cross, not a crucifix... (no "little man" on it !)

Heheheh...gotcha for the hoardes!

newhousenewjob said...

OK, OK, I've changed it - but my point was that, however patriotic one might be, putting a flag where the "little man" is meant to be just doesn't feel quite right to me. Because to me, it's pretending to be a crucifix (there we go, justification for my original choice of word :¬)) to the extent that there is a representation of something hanging on it, but that something is not the body of Christ, or anything else to do with Christ, and so doesn't seem very liturgically appropriate.

Ma Beck said...

Um, yes.
It's despicable, and the sort of not-unusual "country worship" common in many areas of the US.
Yes, it implies that, what, the US died for us?
What the hell?
Extremely poor taste at best, grade-a blasphemy at worst.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention it's presumptuous as all get out. Last time I checked, the Most High didn't care for that.

Jeffrey Smith said...

It's an abomination. Unfortunately, the average American would think it's wonderful.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Alas. I suppose one might try to argue...no...I can't be arsed.

The thing is with some purveyors of Catholic goods is that they ARE in large measure responsible for certain, er, problems?

They will sell anything no matter how suspect. I tried to point out to a local store that the NAB with full notes etc (I emphasize the version will notes, introductions etc.) flatly contradicts the Magesterium of the Church (despite the fact it contains an imprimatur and nihil obstat...but they only appply to the text, very clever) and all I got was an open mouth and a "oh." They are still selling it!

Some purveyors even have departments that cater to protestants! Can you imagine? A Catholic selling prot stuff to prots? WTF?