Friday, 22 June 2007

Good old NHS

This is a rant. I thought I'd give you fair warning.

Where I used to live, the doctor's surgery had a very sensible system. There was a morning surgery time and an afternoon surgery time. If you were sick and needed to see a doctor, you turned up at one of those two times, queued for a maximum of 45 minutes and were seen by a doctor.

This is the first time I've needed a doctor since I moved to my new house, so my only experience of the surgery has been when I registered with them.

I just called them to ask for an appointment, there being no sensible surgery system in place. The first appointment they could offer me was next Tuesday. Next TUESDAY!!!! That's five days away.

I don't bother the doctor unless I think it's necessary - if I get sick, I always wait a couple of days at least to see if it's going to clear up on its own. In the absence of any chronic illness or long-term injury, I can't think of any possible situation in which it would be acceptable to wait five days to see a doctor.

I just popped into Boots and spoke to a pharmacist, who basically told me the warning signs to look out for of complications. Other than that, between now and Tuesday it's aspirin and antiseptic cream. Oh, and I didn't bother booking that appointment - by next Tuesday, I'll either be recovered or (if it gets significantly worse) have seen someone else.

I'm NOT happy!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Five days? Is that all? In America, you'd be lucky to get two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for appointments is a pain1 i sympathise & hope you're better soon..

God bless

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

NHS, gotta luv it!

You don't have any of them thar 24 hour emergency doctors? What about hospital emergency (do you have a significant fever???).

newhousenewjob said...

Thanks Jackie.

Not an emergency, S-P - just something I'd like to get looked at now because I feel like crap and my leg looks horrible...