Monday, 11 June 2007

Better with words than with numbers...

Last week, a very dear friend of our family celebrated her 94th birthday. As is often the case with the very old and the very young, she has a special relationship with my three-year-old niece - they absolutely adore each other.

My sister told my niece that it was this lady's birthday, and that she was very very old.

"How old do you think she is?" my sister asked.

My niece thought for a couple of minutes, and then, in tones of great authority, said, "I think she's four."

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Christine said...

That is so sweet! It reminds me of when my girls were young, probably about 5 and 2, and I asked them how old they thought Mommy and Daddy were. I hinted that Daddy is older than Mommy. (He is by one year.)

Big Girl decided that we were 8 and 10. That was as old as she could imagine anyone being.

Unfortunately, she didn't quite get the concept that GRANDMA is older than MOMMY, because she said Grandma was probably 7.