Thursday, 17 May 2007

Shoddy service

I'm in Birmingham on business at the moment.

I arrived last night and ordered room service - big mistake. It took over two hours to get to me, and each time I phoned to ask where it was, I was told another big fat lie:

"We tried to deliver it to you, but we couldn't remember your room number. We'll send it up right now."

20 minutes later: "Yes, the guy's on his way to your room now."

15 minutes after that: "Your burger's on its way... Oh, you didn't order a burger? We'll have to call the guy back and get him to take what you did order."

10 minutes after that: "We thought you already had it."

And then when it finally did arrive, they forgot to bring me any cutlery!

A tip to anyone in the service industry - customers (particularly if they're British) will put up with an awful lot if you tell them the truth. If you lie to them and make them think they only have two more minutes to wait when in fact another hour is closer to the truth, they get REALLY REALLY CROSS!!!

And when at breakfast the next morning, you serve them apple juice which has gone off and is beginning to ferment and forget to bring them any tea or coffee, you're unlikely to get any return custom from that customer or the firm that's paying for them to stay there.


ukok said...

Sounds like my hotel stay in Birmingham many years ago, I was training to be a photographer at the time and was put up in a different hotel every few nights.The service was appalling, so bad in fact that I can even remember it now despite my advancing years!

Brad Harvey said...

Fermented apple juice is good for you. Drink enough of it and you won`t mind shoddy service at all.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's just Birmingham for you! oops i'm a Brummie!

God bless