Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Random thoughts on returning home

I'll post properly tomorrow, but here are a few random thoughts before I go to bed:
  1. Comment moderation means you see straight away how many new comments there are when you've been away for a few days. This makes up for the fact that the only post which arrived while you were gone was a phone bill and two professional journals. Thanks, chaps!
  2. Many of the songs that three-year-olds enjoy have very catchy tunes.
  3. My colleagues will look at me as if I'm mad when they catch me singing 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow' in an unguarded moment at work tomorrow.
  4. Going on holiday with a toddler, you suddenly realise how friendly total strangers can be.
  5. I now know I can cope with a toddler getting seasick and throwing up all over me.
  6. The seaside can be just as much fun in a sweater and a pair of wellies.
  7. A five day holiday with a toddler is enough to make you completely forget everything you ever knew about your job. It also probably qualifies you to become a hostage negotiator.
  8. It doesn't matter how much you enjoy being with your aunt - when you're only just three and you've fallen on your bottom on some rocks at the end of a busy morning, only Mummy will do.
  9. It's relatively easy to deflect the wails of "I want my Mummy" with a promise of a Bob the Builder CD and a drink.
  10. By the age of three, a small girl knows how to win over the weaker sex. My niece met a small boy called Jack, who graciously let her play football with him. She ran round after him, cooing, "Oh Jack, you're so good at football, Jack. That was a really good kick, Jack."


Mac McLernon said...

So, actually "# only Mummy will do" isn't quite true... Bob the Builder makes an acceptable Mummy replacement...

Missed you, newhouse...

newhousenewjob said...

Aaah, thanks Mac!

Yes, Bob or Mummy - either will do, it seems.