Sunday, 13 May 2007

Ooooh, the relief!

On Tuesday morning, the very last time I had to put my niece into my little car (bending at quite an awkward angle to do so), I felt something ping in my back. It's got progressively worse since then, until this morning I could barely move. I was OK when upright, but found it very difficult to bend in the middle to sit down and extremely painful, once bent, to get myself upright again.

It poured with rain for most of the day today, then this evening as New Man and I ate our tea the sun came out, and I suggested that we go for a walk before having our pudding. We explored a lovely little country lane, and stopped to look at the rabbits hopping around and to listen to the complete absence of traffic noise. It was utter bliss, even when the rain started again.

And as we walked home again, having gone a couple of miles, I felt something ping again in my back. Whatever had gone 'out' seems to be back 'in' again, and I can reach my shoelaces, sit down without being in screaming agony when I try to get up again, and generally just move much more freely. It's still a bit tender, but I think I'm on the mend, and the relief is wonderful...

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Mac McLernon said...

You have my sympathy... my back "pinged" a few years ago while I was on a residential Summer camp (as a helper...)

The last evening's midnight feast was held in my room, with me flat on my back unable to move...