Sunday, 13 May 2007

Favourite music meme

I've been tagged by Esther for this favourite song/music meme:

Five favourite songs: I have so many... but here are the first five that come to mind: 'Objects in the rearview mirror' by Meat Loaf, 'Promise me' by Beverley Craven, 'Freedom' by Fat & Frantic, 'I'll be there for you' by Bon Jovi and 'Total eclipse of the heart' by Bonnie Tyler

Three favourite music artists: Only three? That's hard. Well, if I say Dolly Parton, Meat Loaf and Ralph MacTell you might get an idea of how eclectic my taste in music is.

Three favourite composers: Mozart, Sibelius and Vivaldi.

Favourite song when you were a little kid: The Skye Boat Song

Favourite song you wish you could sing: Panis Angelicus

Favourite type of music: Hmmm - country/folk, I think. Country can be an unfortunate choice at times - several years ago, when the man I had thought I was going to marry announced three days before Christmas that the holiday he was about to take was actually his honeymoon and he had got some other woman pregnant (apparently he had 'needs' that he had to relieve elsewhere because I wouldn't service them before marriage...), the family had all already finished their Christmas shopping. My poor sister was mortified when I opened the present she had bought me - a CD of 'Alone and Forsaken' by Hank Williams!

Least favourite song: 'Who let the dogs out' - I'm not even going to bother looking up who sang this. I hate hate hate hate hate it - I'd rather pull all my toenails out one by one than listen to this song.

Least favourite type of music: Garage/house/rap/hip hop: one or all of these - I'm not entirely sure of the distinction between most of them, but they all seem to be noise without either a melody or decent lyrics to recommend them.

Favourite musical instrument: The violin

Musical instrument you wish you could play: The violin. My brothers refer to mine (very accurately) as the Vile Din. I'd also love to be able to play the piano.

Right, I tag anyone who fancies doing this. Go on, Brad - I'll do yours if you do mine.


Brad Harvey said...

OK. I`ll tackle it later this week.

Esther said...

Good answers. I was unfamiliar with your favorite song as a little kid so I will have to give that one a listen. Thanks for playing!

newhousenewjob said...

Thanks Esther. You need to imagine the favourite song sung softly by a man who knows the first line and various random lines in the middle and either makes up words or hums the rest - that's how my dad always sang us to sleep!