Thursday, 26 April 2007

A slightly surreal experience

My brother-in-law often talks about the slightly surreal experience he had once when visiting Westminster Cathedral.

On the wide piazza in front of the cathedral, slightly to one side of the steps, was a large group of women from the Legion of Mary, praying the Rosary together out loud.

On the other side of the steps, facing off against the Legion of Mary, with hostile stares being exchanged on both sides, was a group of wimmin from We Are Church, waving placards and singing 'We Shall Overcome' or something similar.

My brother-in-law was amused to see this stand-off between the traditional and liberal wings of the Church. And because it was May Day, or perhaps St George's Day, the tableau was completed by a beautiful touch of surrealism.

In the No Man's Land between the two groups, who stood glaring at each other, each group praying or singing ever louder to try to drown out the other, there was a troupe of morris dancers, doing one of the traditional dances of Merrie Olde England.

I'd love to have been there to see it for myself!

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