Monday, 30 April 2007

Kicking the habit

Fr Dwight has a great post this week about the wearing of habits. Here's how he sums it up:

That's the value of the habit. It's an evangelistic outfit. It preaches on its own. It says to the world, "There is another set of values. There's another set of beliefs. There's another way of looking at everything." It says to the world, "Think again. Stop, Look and Listen."
I still remember when I was about nine, and my parents took me to see the convent boarding school that they were thinking of sending me to. My father commented to the headmistress on the fact that the nuns at this school had stopped wearing habits. I can't remember her response, but I do remember what my father said.

He told the story of a young woman who was walking down the road and was very upset when a group of labourers starting wolf-whistling and making suggestive comments to her. She tried to ignore them, but the comments continued and, if anything, grew lewder.

Spotting a policeman, she went up to him and said, "Excuse me, officer. Would you mind asking these men to behave themselves? I'm a nun, and I find their behaviour very disturbing."

The policeman looked at the ordinary skirt and top that the young woman was wearing and responded:

"And tell me, Sister - how did you know I was a policeman?"

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