Monday, 16 April 2007

I blame the parents

We had another 'yoof Mass' yesterday. One of the children providing the music was a small boy of about 10 or 11 who played the drums (not my instrument of choice, but there you go) beautifully.

The choir and musicians sit up on the sanctuary during Mass, and as they came down for Communion I noticed that this boy was wearing a t-shirt which said in big, bold letters, "BLAME MY PARENTS".

He was at Mass. He played his chosen instrument beautifully, which had obviously taken a lot of practice. He genuflected before the Blessed Sacrament and took Communion reverently. He had the confidence to sit up there, in view of the entire congregation, and participate actively in the celebration of the Mass. He looked happy and well cared-for.

Yes, I blame* the parents - how much of all that would he be doing without their love, their care and their example?

* Partial dictionary definition - blame (blām) tr.v., blamed, blam·ing, blames. 1. To hold responsible.

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