Thursday, 19 April 2007

Another birthday

I can't remember what the misdemeanour was, but for some reason I was withholding the 'Bob the Builder' DVD which my niece often watched for a treat when she came into my room in the morning.

This was a punishment which actually entailed more effort for me, as instead of sitting her in front of the electronic babysitter while I rolled over to get an extra few minutes' sleep, I ended up helping her to set up a picnic for an assortment of soft toys.

On this particular morning, we'd been playing together for about quarter of an hour, and she said something particularly engaging. I laughed and said, "Oh F., you are a darling girl."

Her little face lit up, and she turned towards me with her arms open wide and a huge beaming smile on her lips ("Ah, she loves me too," briefly crossed my mind) ... and said:

"If I'm a darling girl, can I watch Bob now?"

My darling girl's going to be three tomorrow - I'll be finishing work early to go and see her blow out her candles, and then stay the night. I can't wait - we might even get to have another picnic with Bear, Big Brother Penguin and Mrs Sneetch.

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