Saturday, 24 March 2007

Tick tock

Over the last couple of weeks, we here in the UK have enjoyed a brief rapprochement with our brethren in the US. It ends tonight, as we put our clocks forward for British Summer Time and move an hour further apart again.

Tonight I'll be changing 12 clocks (it would be 13, but I managed to pull the knob off the clock in my car while changing it last year, so it's stuck permanently halfway between Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time). The changes get complicated, because I have the following special requirements:
  • My watch must be exactly 7 minutes fast, to improve my chances of not being late for anything. (I know this relies on my forgetting that it's 7 minutes fast - somehow, this is something I always seem to manage, especially when I think I'm running late.)

  • The clock in the bathroom must be exactly 9 minutes fast, to account for the extra couple of minutes I always like to have in the shower.

  • The clock on the video machine must be absolutely correct, to allow me to use the timer record function to record programmes. I'm sure one of these days there'll be something on worth recording, and I like to be prepared...

  • My alarm clock must be 2 minutes slow, to give me that extra couple of minutes' sleep in the morning.

  • The chiming clock (1930s, Westminster chimes) must be either slightly ahead of or slightly behind the 'cuckoo' clock (actually a Mini clock - a small car comes out every hour, revs its engine and hoots its horn), so that my niece has time to run from one to the other and appreciate both when they go off on the hour.

I'd better make a start while I think of it.

Note to self for next year: don't invite people round for lunch on the day the clocks go forward. Especially if you get home so late the day before that all the supermarkets are closed and you're going to have to go to early Mass so you can be at the door of the supermarket as it opens in the morning. * Sigh *

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