Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Standing up to be counted - again!

There are now a couple more petitions on the homosexual adoption regulations on the Number 10 website. There's an article here on Blair's abuse of the parliamentary process to force the regulations through.

This one reads:

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to exempt the Roman Catholic Church and all Faith adoption agencies from the requirements of the Government's proposed new Gay Rights laws.

It runs counter to every British principle of the rights of committed people of Faith to practice that faith, to force them to operate in a way which denies them their beliefs and conscience. It is not acceptable to those of Catholic persuasion - or indeed many others within the Christian or other Faith communities to require them to place adopted youngsters with homosexual couples. It is an intolerable intrusion by the State into personal commitment and religious belief.'

It currently has 2,746 signatures, and the deadline for signing up is 26 April 2007.

This one reads:

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to amend at the earliest the Sexual Orientation Regulations for England and Wales so that exemptions can be included in order to

i) ensure that the ‘non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation’ provision is targeted correctly at outlawing irrational prejudice against homosexuals whilst

ii) ensuring that Christians are free to continue to adhere to and uphold the Bible’s teaching that all extra-marital sexual practice is wrong.'

It currently has 36 signatures, and the deadline is 2 May 2007.

I've signed both but haven't received the confirmatory e-mail for the second yet. Perhaps that's how they keep the number of signatures down...

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strangeraday said...

I posted a link to your article before but didn't link to the petition I've now posted a link to the first petition.

I'm having to have a think about the second petition.

Chris Swift