Monday, 12 March 2007


These are some of the luxuries of modern life for which I'm grateful. I know they're luxuries because at various times in my life, and for varying lengths of time, I have lived without each of these things and survived quite happily.

As I get older and more used to my creature comforts, I hope I never forget that these things are luxuries that a huge number of people in the world continue to live without, and never forget to be grateful for them.
  1. Hot running water
  2. An inside toilet that flushes
  3. Central heating
  4. A reliable cold water supply
  5. A reliable electricity supply
  6. A telephone
  7. An automatic washing machine
  8. A car
  9. A mobile phone
  10. The internet - especially with a broadband connection (my second newest acquisition)
  11. A dishwasher (my newest acquisition)
  12. Satellite navigation


Simon-Peter said...

You have water?

How the other half lives, I don't know...

newhousenewjob said...

Cardboard box? Luxury!