Monday, 19 March 2007

Human rights

I just spotted this little article in tonight's Evening Standard:

Poland told to drop anti-gay law

Poland has been warned by Human Rights Watch that a law banning "homosexual propaganda" in schools will promote discrimination. The group told prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski that the ban, whereby teachers can be sacked for promoting "homosexual culture", violates freedom of speech and denies pupils life-saving information about Aids.

Ah, jolly well done, Human Rights Watch - it's nice to know you've got your eye on the important human rights abuses. After all, it's not like there was anything more important for you to be concentrating your energies on. Like this, for instance.

Try Googling "Human Rights Watch" and Zimbabwe - the most recent news item including both terms was five days ago.

Sekai Holland - one of the most seriously injured of the opposition activists beaten up by police when they broke up a prayer meeting on 11 March. Prevented from boarding an air ambulance to receive medical care in South Africa and re-arrested at the airport the day before yesterday.

Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for Zimbabwe's main opposition leader, after being assaulted by security forces as he tried to leave the country yesterday.

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